"Hi!" from Dave

Hello and thanks so much for being here. It’s my pleasure and privilege to have the opportunity to offer these online piano lessons to you via Zoom. Whether you are a beginner or you’re a player with experience looking to enhance your creative playing skills, it’s likely that you’ll find value in these sessions.


By the way, if you happen to have some reservations about learning via an online platform like this, please know that I understand where you’re coming from. Perhaps the idea of learning without having an instructor right by your side in the same room seems strange to you. Well, I don’t know if there is anyone who could relate to that feeling more than myself… until I realized how easy it really is to overcome these concerns. Although there are different ways that you can take advantage of, simply having a laptop or desktop with a webcam to your piano’s side as seen in this picture can be enough.

You see, once you establish a simple setup and we invest a few moments in conversation while each of us is situated at our respective piano/keyboard, things become quite relaxed rather quickly. You’ll soon realize that there’s a lot we can accomplish together.

In order to help set the stage for our sessions so that our time together isA simple setup like this works just fine! productive, I offer an initial complimentary “setup session” that will ensure that things will flow smoothly once our actual lessons begin. This session should only take a few minutes.

When it comes to your musical goals, please share with me what you would like to accomplish during our time together. Whether you are looking to get a hand on the piano staff, learn basic piano chords, jazz piano voicings, improvisation, or you’re wanting to focus on other topics, chances are great that our sessions together will prove to be beneficial to you.

Thank you in advance for considering my services. I eagerly look forward to our time together!

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