Reveal the musical magic that exists within you!What’s different about Piano Ca Dab Ra? The mission is to get you confident while having fun at that piano or keyboard of yours quickly.

This is perhaps the only place offering online piano lessons that bypasses all the “theoretical fluff” that can get in the way of you playing creatively… from the beginning.

Don’t misunderstand me. Your piano playing experience can be enhanced by getting a handle on reading, chord theory, and other fundamentals… and, yes, we can help you with all that. But if you want to start he having fun creating from the beginning, that’s the focus here.

Even if you have experience as a pianist, enhancing your creativity might be a goal. If so, you are at the right place. I’ve had the pleasure of helping advanced classical musicians “break the chains of conformity” and realize their creative musical ability.

You were born to create. You were expressing yourself at a young age. You cried to get what you needed. You eventually picked up a word or two. Then more. Before long, you were creating phrases and sentences that got your message across… and you achieved all that before ever learning to read or write.

It can be the same with your musical experience. You can start making music today. You don’t need to wait for that. As your confidence quickly develops, you’ll have the desire to continue and take things further. But it should be fun from the very beginning. Make sense? I thought so. Let’s get started.

Welcome to Zoom piano lessons with Dave