Zoom Piano Lessons With Dave – 45 Minutes


45-Minute Session

Discover the joy of playing the piano with personalized Zoom lessons tailored to your interests. Join me for a relaxed, fun, and effective approach to mastering chords, improvisation, and more.

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Learning piano as an adult has its rewards45-Minute Session

Embark on a musical journey of self-discovery and skill enhancement with my personalized live piano lessons conducted via Zoom. Say goodbye to rigid methods and hello to a relaxed, informal, and enjoyable learning experience crafted to match your unique interests and aspirations.

Explore a diverse array of topics ranging from mastering piano chords to discovering jazz piano voicings and the art of improvisation. Whether you’re a beginner eager to grasp the fundamentals or an intermediate player seeking to refine your technique and develop your personal style, my sessions are designed to nurture your growth and elevate your playing to new heights.

Embrace a learning approach that values flexibility and tangible results. Together, we’ll focus on what resonates with you, whether it’s crafting captivating piano arrangements, embellishing melodies with creative fills, or honing effective practice techniques.

Feeling hesitant about navigating Zoom? Fear not! Once you enroll, I’m delighted to offer a complimentary setup session. This personalized assistance ensures you feel confident with your audio, video, and device setup, allowing you to dive into your lessons worry-free.

Ready to unlock your full potential behind the keys? Join me on this enriching journey today. Book your first lesson and let’s explore the endless possibilities together!

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