Piano Improvisation

Piano improvisation is one of our specialties. Learning to improvise on piano is an aspiration of so many students, including some who won’t even admit it. Why do we say that? Well, there is an misconception that has been accepted by all too many individuals that being able to improvise is either meant for a “select few” or something that only more advanced students should consider studying.

Yes, You Can Improvise

We would like to put a damper on that kind of thinking right away. It’s quite possible that the reason such an idea has prevailed is because there are fewer people who teach improvisation than those who do not. Perhaps it seems logical that if a music studio does not host instructors who are equipped to help in such an area of piano improvisation, it isn’t likely to promote the idea. So, the possibility of being able to improvise doesn’t even occur to some people.

Well, learning to read and interpret music that has already been composed is certainly something we believe is important. After all, not doing so would deprive the student of opening himself or herself up to enjoying the opportunity to perform a whole world of beautiful music. However, we also believe that a well-defined musical experience ought to go beyond that.

You Were Meant To Be Creative

We strongly feel that people were born to be creative. That said, it’s not uncommon for our students to be exploring musical creativity from day one. Of course, it makes absolute sense to explore the great works of Bach, for example. At the same time, wouldn’t it be more conducive to a more exciting musical experience if, as a student, you were encouraged to adopt the creative mind set of such a composer/musician? Improvisation did not start with the jazz idiom as we know it. Yes, pianists were improvising during the Baroque period. What’s more? They were expected to!

It’s Your Turn

How about you? Would you like to unleash that creative, musical genius within you who is just waiting to be let loose? With the right guidance, there is no doubt that can happen. As a matter of fact, if you have the desire to make that happen, it is certain.