Taking Lessons VS Learning How To Play Music

Piano Lessons In Sarasota, FL

Sure, it seems as though there should be no difference between the two. After all, taking piano lessons and learning how to play music confidently go hand in hand, right?

Well, yes, we agree that’s how it ought to be. However, our experience with some of our new enrollments who have had prior lessons with other teachers have made it clear that hooking up with traditional piano lessons isn’t necessarily synonymous with becoming well educated in the area of music. It’s seems almost a shame.

“Almost?” Actually, we see it as a bit of a shame when we discover that an individual’s months or years of lessons lead that person to having nothing to show for it all other than being able to read some notes on a piano staff and play a few scales. There’s nothing wrong with some of that but, when it’s not accompanied by positive feelings on behalf of the player, something is wrong. This is unfortunate and, more often than not, it can be chalked up to the fact that the “teacher” didn’t have much more to offer than to hold that student’s hand through the pages of a John Thompson or Alfred’s piano method book.

Something’s Wrong With That Picture

Music was never meant to be taught that way and yet, time and time again, that’s what goes on in the average music studio. We don’t take pleasure in admitting that but it’s just plain true. Actually, a studio will often accept a prospective teacher as a staff member if he or she proves adequate enough to do just that.

When we encounter such a student for the first time, we ask that person a few questions about his or her confidence level when it comes to just being able to pick up a favorite song and play it or improvise on it. Usually, the response is supplemented with a bit of a frown of regret. However, they soon realize that it wasn’t a lack of their own potential that was ultimately responsible for this lack of confidence. They simply were not presented with the kind of coaching that was conducive to their being able to confidently make music.

So, What’s In A Degree, Anyway?

Sure, that teacher may have possessed a degree along with the certificate displayed on the wall to prove it. That doesn’t necessarily mean that teacher is qualified to help you become confident with improvising a chorus of Fly Me To The Moon or Piano Man. This leads to a lesson you might be open to: don’t be easily be persuaded by the degree as much as what that teacher really has to offer you. Ask questions of his or her experience. During your first consultation or lesson, ask for a demonstration of the kind of material you will be introduced to. By all means, inquire as to what this instructor really can do for you. Remember, a “certification” is not necessarily a ticket to “qualification” when it comes to how that person can serve in your favor.

There’s A Reason To Be Optimistic

When a new client makes an appearance in our studio, we take great pleasure in learning about that individual and what his or her goals might be. Even if they don’t know what they are, we have fun demonstrating what they can look forward to with our guidance. It doesn’t stop there, however. You see, we do it in such a way that the step-by-step process leading to ultimately achieving those goals becomes quite clear. In short, our students establish a level of confidence they normally wouldn’t have expected prior to crossing our threshold.

Are you interested in exploring your musical potential in a way that not only seems sensible but is complimented with lots of creative fun during the process? You can. You’re here. That’s a good thing. Now, let’s hear from you.