Write Your Own Songs

Does the idea of writing your very own song seem far fetched to you?

“I’ve never even had my first piano lesson and don’t know where ‘A’ is on the music staff. How can I be thinking about writing a song?!!!”

If you truly have a sincere desire to write a song of your own, that can serve as the fuel you need to learn what is required to accomplish it. Just know that, with the right guidance, it’s possible. Furthermore, your realization of that goal may be closer than you think. You see, with the right encouragement, you’ll have the tools to do just that.

Naturally, you want to be able to read music. This ability opens you up to a whole world of music that has been written and/or performed by your favorite composers and artists. That said, what did they have that you don’t in terms of ability to compose a song? The answer is: nothing.

Nothing, that is, except perhaps belief in themselves. As for the music “know-how,” you’ll have that. More often than not, individuals who have been playing for years and do, in fact, have the skills to write music, don’t ever put the pencil to the paper. If that’s by choice, it’s one thing. However, it’s often because they were not encouraged to engage in the creative process.

Everyone has a song in their heart. It’s our belief that, whether or not songwriting is an area in which you want to spend hours of time, experiencing it once or twice will add some dimension and perspective to your overall musical experience.

It’s our opinion that piano lessons take on a very limited approach in the average music studio. Instead, the piano student should be exposed to a more diversified musical experience. They get that here. It’s not unusual for a student to start off a lesson here by saying, “I wrote this tune this week and I’d like to share it with you.” You see, expressing oneself in a creative fashion is quite common here.

If you’ve never written a song of your own, at least know that you are capable of it. You absolutely have what it takes. We’re here to help.