Blues Piano Explored

Have a flair for learning blues piano? There’s nothing quite like being able to sit at those keys with some confidence and getting into some blues. Maybe playing blues is a primary interest of yours and maybe it isn’t. Either way, having a little experience with blues piano techniques can really add pizzazz to other aspects of your playing, including ballads and more. Furthermore, playing the blues can be rather relaxing and therapeutic.

When a new piano student with this kind of interest enters our studio, we always want to get a genuine feel for what his or her passions and goals are. A typical statement from a newcomer might go something like, “I have always wanted to learn how to play blues piano. I know I’m not ready for that now.”

How would you expect us to respond to such a claim? Try this on for size:

“Think again!”

There isn’t any reason why a piano beginner cannot learn the basics of playing blues piano (by the way, blues piano is just one of our specialties). Though it’s true that a significant number of traditional teachers may not be equipped to help along these lines, we have a passion for blues, jazz, improvisation… well, creative piano playing, in general.

Start Playing The Blues Quicker Than You Might Think

A chief goal of ours is to provide the student with easy-to-understand tools which will lead to the kind of results that serve as further motivation to continue. Let’s face it. You want to have fun. A result-oriented approach is what you’re looking for.

How Long Will It Take?

Well, that will depend on factors like: have you ever placed your hands on a piano keyboard before? Whether you have or not, are you willing to invest some time having fun on a daily basis implementing the techniques and strategies provided? There are some basics you’ll want to learn. Although you might not be spinning our your favorite blues licks by Lesson #2, it’s not uncommon to actually be feeling good about your progress not long after that.

Why not communicate your musical goals with us? We’re interested! It will be our pleasure and privilege to connect with you as we explore your musical possibilities.