Cocktail Piano Lessons In Sarasota

We offer piano lessons that focus on a variety of musical styles. A good number of people that we come in contact with are beginners and we welcome them with open arms. In addition, we have individuals who indeed have piano playing experience and want to enhance their current skills. Many of these people have expressed an interest in cocktail piano lessons.

Cocktail piano is one of our specialties. Perhaps you would like to learn how to add your own personal style to some of those standard songs. Take a classic hit like Over The Rainbow by Harold Arlen and Yip Harburg, for example. Maybe you have listened to a number of pianists play a rendition of this popular standard and noticed that they each have their own way of presenting it. Well, creating your own arrangements of songs is an art that can be learned.

Creating your own renditions of standard tunes involves a knowledge of chords, chord progressions, and piano styling techniques and strategies as well as how to deal with them in effective ways. One of the fascinating things about piano styling is that there is always more to learn. In our studio, we focus on helping the student to incorporate creative techniques and strategies in a way that is fun and rewarding. Whatever level you are at, we feel it’s important to appreciate yourself. While being open to expanding your cocktail piano skills, you are encouraged to express yourself musically using what you know.

You will appreciate the flexibility and freedom that goes hand with reading and interpreting a lead sheet. Your interpretation of chord nomenclature leads you to using that freedom. You’ll have fun implementing the cocktail piano playing strategies you’ll be learning in a variety of ways. In short, you’ll soon realize that there really is no limit when it comes to the kind of creative musical expression you are indeed capable of.