Piano Lessons For Adults In Sarasota

Why Most Adults [Sadly] Put It Off

Why do you suppose so many adults who have held on to aspirations for getting involved with piano lessons for so long delay doing something about it? It could vary from one person to another, of course. However, based on our experience, it’s usually a combination of misconceptions. In short, they talk themselves out of it before even allowing the idea to breath.

It’s a bit of a shame, really. Why? Because the thoughts they entertain about what their experience will be like are negative ones. What’s more is that these thoughts are inaccurate. Let’s acknowledge that there are some traditional “stigmas” attached the the idea of piano lessons, including having to start from scratch, needing to associate all those notes on the music staff with the piano keys, having to play tedious scales, and more. It’s no wonder that all these thoughts serve as a “smoke screen” thick enough to smother any hope for success.

Here’s A Curve Ball You’ll Hit

It doesn’t have to be that way. As a matter of fact, in our studio, it’s quite different. Time and time again, a first timer here shares their reasons for having out off the decision for years. Often, it was an experience with a piano teacher decades ago that led that person to believe it just wasn’t for them. After conversing a bit, what do we discover? It was the teacher who had the limitations. Usually, we learn that the past teacher simply didn’t possess the ability to help that student to unleash his or her musical potential.

During that first session, after learning a little about this adult, he or she is escorted to the piano, asked to place their hands on the keys, and encouraged to play something. This is usually responded to with reservation. With a little guidance and encouragement, those fingers start to move with a little more enthusiasm.

Poof! What Happened?

Let’s fast forward that piano lesson several minutes to a few moments prior to its conclusion. Our adult student is smiling while having fun making music at those keys. The insight they’ve gained from our previous moments seems to have led to a certain facial glow. After such a short time, this person has suddenly realized from personal experience “Yes, this is possible.”

Are you an adult who has always had that desire to see what it would be like for you to become engaged with making some music at those keys? Maybe it recently occurred to you that it might be a more rewarding way to spend some of that television time (you would be 100% right). Allow us to encourage you to put off your reservations long enough to make that initial contact with us. Pick up the phone and make the call or use the form on this page to share some thoughts with us. We will consider it a personal pleasure and privilege to communicate with you.