Practicing Piano: How Much Is Enough?

“How long should I practice piano each day?”

That’s a question asked by almost everyone who becomes engaged with piano lessons. Interestingly enough, the intent behind asking the question would be worth some consideration. More often than not, the word “should” implies that practicing is a chore… a task… an activity that you have to do.

Practicing piano is an art in itself, a subject that we talk about on a regular basis here in our studio. For now, may we suggest that you approach practicing from a different perspective? Instead of thinking of practicing piano as something you have to do, consider viewing it as something you get to do. After all, isn’t this a privilege rather than an obligation?

Doesn’t it seem at least mildly strange how people can turn an activity they originally perceived as fun to do into what seems like a job? Your practice routine should be fun. If it’s not, then it would make sense to communicate this with your teacher. If your instructor places more of an emphasis on discipline than enjoying yourself at that piano or keyboard of yours, perhaps it’s time to consider another one.

At this point, let’s consider another question: How long would you say one should devote to preparing breakfast? The obvious answer: as long as it takes.

The same applies to your piano practice routine. What you really want to do is set a reasonable goal for each practice session. Once you know your objective, learn how to achieve it in a playful, relaxed manner that is sure to put a smile on your face and have you feeling great about yourself!