Learn To Play Piano By Ear

“Why is it that some people can play piano by ear and others cannot?”

It’s a question that comes up a lot. Actually, the more it is asked, the better we like it. Why? Because it opens the way for the truth to be exposed when it comes to this topic of playing piano by ear.

The ability to play music by ear is often equated with some sort of magic that only a select few have the privilege of being able to perform . It simply isn’t true. It would be more accurate to say that some individuals are “in tune” with their natural ability to make sound distinctions.

You’re Capable Of The “Magic”

Virtually everyone can learn how to make these distinctions with the right guidance. It’s really a matter of where a person’s focus is when listening to music. With training, a person can learn to be aware of such sound distinctions.

Yes, we usually attribute this perceived special talent to a “good musical ear.” However, the truth is that the ear isn’t doing anything but allowing the sound to be heard. The sound distinctions are being made by the brain.

With your eyes closed, would you be able to distinguish between the sound of your microwave beeping and a car horn honking in your driveway? If yes, then that’s all the proof you need to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you can recognize sound distinctions. Training yourself to play piano (or any instrument) by ear is a matter of simply being receptive to distinguishing between various sounds and patterns.

Perhaps you may be thinking that the sound of a microwave beep and a car horn is obvious. Well, that’s true only if you somehow learned what each of them sounded like at some previous point in time. So, yes, it may be easy to recognize the difference now. You see, you had to be previously familiarized with these sounds in order to have the confidence of telling them apart at a later time.

It works that way with music, including identifying melodies, chords, chords progressions, and patterns. With the right coach, you can be easily led to developing confidence when it comes to playing by ear in a way you never previously thought possible.

It’s true that most piano teachers may not specialize in helping people in this area. We take a great amount of joy in coaching people to develop this ability. It’s a lot of fun and many would agree that nothing is more musically satisfying.