“Do I Need To Be Able To Read Music In Order To Play Piano? “

Is Reading Music Necessary?

Is it necessary to be able to read music if you have the aspiration to play piano? It a common question asked by many. We consider it a good one. Let’s clear things up.

Actually, if this is a question you’ve been pondering, you are already qualified to answer it yourself right here and now. Allow us to respond to this question with one of our own:

As a very young child, was it necessary for you to be able to read (or write) before you could verbally express yourself?

Obviously, the answer is no. Since music is a language, the same applies. There are many, many people on the planet who express themselves very capably at the piano who don’t possess any reading experience.

Once you learned to read and write your language, did that open you up to more possibilities?

Of course it did. You were able to read and interpret what others had to say, whether that was in the form of books, brochures, articles, or blogs such as the one you are reading now.

Likewise, when you learn to read music, you open yourself to being able to read and interpret the works of others. In addition, this ability just might inspire you to write some music of your own.

You Can “Speak” Music Without Reading It

This might lead to another question:

“Do I have to be able be willing to read music in order to take piano lessons?”

Technically, no. However, the majority of piano teachers at local music studios are trained to promote and teach reading. So do we, but we are also cognizant of the fact of a couple of very important issues: 1) Some people just want to be able to sit and enjoy themselves at their piano or keyboard without wanting to endure studying all the musical rudiments of they can get away with it; 2) Placing an exclusive focus on reading during the initial stages of learning piano can actually have a negative impact on the student. After all, there is no greater satisfaction than just being able sit at those keys and have some fun playing.

Since we are in tune with this truth, our approach is different than what one might normally expect our there. It’s important to us that you experience great feelings each and every time you sit at the instrument. In short, if you aspire to learn how to make music, there is simply no reason for not scheduling that first session.