Group Piano Lessons: A Good Idea?

A common question we receive is “Do you offer group piano lessons? “ This request usually comes from parents of three or more children. Initially, the obvious benefits that would seem to be gained from group lessons are 1) all the children can participate in the lesson at the same time rather than one having a lesson while siblings await their turn and 2) a single group session could prove to be a significant money saver.

Contrary to what some parents would want to believe, the benefits mentioned are far surpassed by the drawbacks of group lessons. When it comes to music lessons, there is no learning scenario that will ultimately prove to bring the greatest rewards more than the private lesson.

Perhaps you have heard the claim that a class can only progress as fast as its slowest learner. This may be construed by some as an overly generalized statement. However, there is more than just a grain of truth in it. The maturity level and learning capacity of two children who are even as little as six months apart can vary to such a large degree. Understanding this, it becomes apparent that each of these youngsters would benefit more greatly with individualized attention.

In addition to age being a significant factor, there are others. Among them are personality traits and learning patterns. These vary from one individual to another. When all is considered, deciding between group and private lessons for three youngsters aged, say, 7, 10, and 12 becomes a no-brainer.

Again, the convenience factor of group lessons can seem quite attractive. That said, there are music studios that will entertain the idea in order to obtain your business. Honestly and objectively reflecting on your authentic reasons for considering those lessons in the first place will lead you to making the right choice.